6 Things Terrible Bosses Do That Make Their Talented Employees Quit

You were hired at your dream company. You are so enthusiastic about the first day doing what you have always wanted to. However, things don’t turn out to be as expected. Your new boss is tyrant.

Studies have proven that a wide range of talented employees, from construction engineers to accountants, quit their jobs because of bad bosses. A tense, unfriendly atmosphere is connected to high stress levels, low productivity and frequent mistakes. Nobody wants to destroy his physical and mental health due to working in a hostile environment. But what does exactly a terrible boss do that determines talented employees to quit?



A horrible boss will always have a negative attitude and will focus on one’s mistakes. This is a very common approach among individuals who manage small teams. Every single human being makes mistakes, so the bosses shouldn’t be too hard on those who make them.

Destructive criticism leads to a drop in motivation and causes frustration among employees. This generates an acute desire to start looking for a new job.


Most bosses confound employees with robots. Workers need to take a short break every two hours in order to be productive. Even the most talented people will eventually burn out and will lose creativity and ingenuity. In some cases, it doesn’t matter that an increased workload brings a higher salary because too much work will eventually break one down.

Some bosses are so obsessed with exhausting employees that they tell them “next time you get sick notify me three days in advance”. What other option does the worker have besides walking out the door and never returning?

They diminish workers’ creativity

What makes a talented person a talented person? His ability to come up with ingenious and efficient solutions to different problems. When someone who is eager to make drastic changes in order to improve even the smallest imperfection is forced to accept the existing state of affairs, he develops an aversion to his job.

They hire the wrong people

We all know how frustrating nepotism in the work place is. Hiring relatives, friends or individuals who are not qualified for a specific job will only put a lot of pressure on those good employees who know their job very well.

A competent boss will only hire talented employees. When you put many capable individuals in the same room, revolutionary ideas might emerge.

They do not appreciate good work

Terrible bosses lack empathy. It’s naturally for someone who has put a lot of effort into a project to want to be rewarded and have his hard work recognized. A state of happiness is installed in the office after everyone is appreciated for doing his job well.

They can’t keep their word

Good bosses are famous for their honesty. A talented employee is trustworthy, so he expects integrity from his boss. When his superior doesn’t honor his commitments, he has more than enough reasons to quit the job. Therefore, the relationship between the boss and his subordinates should be characterized by righteousness and trust.


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