5 Things You Need To Know About Windows 10

Microsoft 10 is the next big thing. It is the latest version of Microsoft’s iconic operating system. Every individual can install it on all sorts of digital devices. Since it is a unified version made by Windows, it can be tailored on all devices like tablets, PCs, and smartphones. After the sneak peek of this version, here are the 5 things you need to know about Windows 10.


Futuristic View Of Windows 10

Windows 10 attempts to give Windows the future it deserves. Because of the Windows 8 flawed launching in 2012, a perennial situation of damage control has tainted its good reputation. Now, Windows 10 will serve its consumers with the best features that will suit every need and concern. The CIO was repelled by Windows 8 along with its touch screen optimized UI. Even its alternative and traditional interface which was made part of the running legacy Windows application was repelled. In 2014, the IDC’s preliminary tools showed a result that around 732 copies million copies were installed worldwide in the business community. For Windows XP, it is around 157 million. About 28 million for Windows Vista and 35 million for Windows 8 copies installed.

With the existence of Windows 10, Microsoft has tackled different UI issues which have tainted its good reputation. While the traditional UI acts and looks like Windows 7, its touch optimized UI is pretty much intuitive. Windows 10 has pursued the vision to make it more adaptive so that it may be applicable to laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Exceptional Security Features


Windows 10 made it possible for enterprises to secure their work because of the security features present. It has improvements on access control, threat resistance, information protection, as well as, identity protection. In matters on access control, the exquisite Windows 10 has a two-factor authentication. With this 2-factor authentication, several malicious hackers must have the capacity to control 2 pieces of information so that it can break into the system. Certain pieces of information are codes or passwords which are sent to the device of the user such as a smartphone.

When it comes to information protection, this latest version has a data loss prevention (DLP) technology made available so that it can distinguish between a corporate or personal data. Email, data, corporate applications, and other sensitive information can be automatically be encrypted by Windows 10 to both your mobile device and desktop.

Application Platform

Windows 10 has a universal app platform so that it can run on several devices supported by the operating system such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktop PCs, internet thing wires, and Xbox console. The user will have a lot of easy time on creating applications, tools, and other integration without the presence of re-writing it from scratch in order to apply to different devices.

It Will Always Surprise You


Windows 10 can bring you a lot of surprises. Since the priority or the main goal of Microsoft in the making of Windows 10 is to reverse the missteps in the launching of Windows 8, the former gives every user the opportunity to experience Hologram technology, Cortana, and two browsers.

It Just Looks Good

Windows 10 was made to perform with brilliant specific custom and commercial applications and hardware devices. A group of people within the Information Technology Department at L.A. Fitness has been testing Windows 10 and, fortunately, did not find or was not able to identify any problematic concerns or issues.

With regards to hologram technology, it was made possible to create 3D apps with the use of HaloLens. When it comes to Cortana, which is the Microsoft’s answer to the famous Apple’s Siri, users can interact with their computers or applications via voice commands.

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