Things That Only Parents of Threenagers Can Relate To

A lot of parents think the terrible twos is the worst phase they will ever encounter their toddlers going through. But just when you have started celebrating the end of the terrible two’s, and thinking you have at least a few years before your child gets to the dreaded teenage years, the threenager phase kicks in.


Below are some telling signs that your toddler is going through a threenager phase:

The Word ‘No’ Is the Only Answer You Get To Everything

Any time you ask your child to do anything, especially something that’s not fun like cleaning up after themselves, go to bed or eat their vegetables, the automatic answer will be ‘No’.

If Your Child Insists On Getting His or Her Way

By some sheer chance, your child could decide to do something you have asked, such as eating their breakfast, but then, the only way they will do it is using their own method. If you say, “Tommy, eat your breakfast at the table”, Tommy says, “No! I want to eat on the couch as I watch TV”.

Of course, Tommy will get his way or else he will throw a massive tantrum. Having no choice, you relent to Tommy’s will and in the end; he gets his breakfast all over the couch and says, “NO!” when you ask his to clean up. You get it? It’s a cycle with threenagers.

Your Toddler Has Strong Opinions about What He or She Wears

You have always decided what your toddler wears every day and this has always suited you perfectly because things move faster and no one gets late in the morning.

Suddenly at three, your toddler seems to have developed the habit of disliking everything they wear. This could result in your toddler changing into different outfits every morning and making everyone late to start their day.

Your Toddler Will Only Eat Certain Types of Food

As you know, kids need sufficient nutrition. But it can be difficult to give your child enough nutrition if he or she won’t eat anything apart from a few select foods. This, however, is something you will go through with a threenager.

Naps Are a Thing Of The Past

In the past, your child would nap at the same time every day. But now, when you try to put him down for a nap, he or she goes into a complete meltdown.

Your Child Negotiates Out Of Time-Outs

Timeout is supposed to be punishment time. But somehow, your child seems to have developed the intelligence of negotiating his or her way out of taking time out.

You Let Your Toddler to Do Everything on Their Own

Though it can be exhausting to deal with an independent toddler, you finally decide to let go and allow your toddler to do everything by themselves.

If Tantrums Don’t Seem To Faze You Anymore

After dozens of tantrums, you develop a tolerance for them and no longer react to temper tantrums anywhere, not even in public places.

You Get Your Workout by Chasing Your Toddler Around

From morning till bedtime, it seems as though you have been running after your toddler all day.

If You Are Constantly Bribing Your Child

After trying everything, you finally decide that bribing is the only way to go. While bribing is wrong, you have absolutely no other choice.

If you have a threenager, you definitely have experienced some of all the above in your toddler.


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