5 Things You Should Know About the Link between Dairy and Acne

Skin is the largest organ in the body with respect to surface size. Everything that happens in the body is directly reflected on the skin. Different kinds of foods that we eat in everyday life affect our body and that effect is reflected in our skin. Like they say “you are what you eat”. If you start drinking milk and eating other dairy products like ice cream, butter and cheese for two weeks, you will see that your skin has got oily and small spots start appearing on your face.

These spots on your face are called acnes. According to a study, 80-90% teen agers face this problem. It is also prevalent in adults found of dairy foods.


Why this happens with the dairy foods?

When sebaceous (oil) glands in the skin are over activated, it results in acne. This over activation is the direct result of the hormonal imbalance caused by the dairy products most of the times.

In this article, I am trying to show how dairy products can result in hormonal imbalance.

In a study, reported by NaturalNews, it is proved that the people who drink two or three glasses of milk everyday have 44% higher chances of having severe acne.

How milk and its products are the biggest cause of acne? Here are the five reasons.

Enzymes and Hormones

Milk is a rich source of different enzymes and the hormones. When you intake milk or other dairy products, you intake a large number of enzymes and hormones as well. The insulin like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) is correlated with the steroid hormones present in the milk. These steroid hormones activate the IGF-1 to cause hormonal disturbance, which results in acne.

In a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, it is proved that IGF-1 will increase by 10% when you drink milk continuously for one month.

Raw or Organic Milk

The cow has been converted into a milk producing factory. The natural process of milk production is manipulated by the excessive use of hormones and antibiotics. These pollutants, when reach the human body, cause the harmful effects in the form of problems associated with hormonal imbalance.

Natural and unprocessed milk produced is still a better choice for healthy life style.

Milk Sugars and Proteins

When you eat or drink dairy products, the sugars in these products increase the blood sugar level which in turn increases the insulin level in the body. As insulin level is also associated with skin problems, thus increased insulin level causes acne.

Causing Inflammation

Proteins like whey and casein and sugars like lactulose present in the milk cause inflammation. Casein intolerance and lactulose intolerance is common among the masses. Lactulose intolerance is associated with digestion problem and can promote acnes and other skin problems like dullness.

Removing dairy completely is not a solution. If you think you are having acnes from dairy, consult with your dermatologist first before changing your diet.

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