Self-Image: Is Someone Who Feels Inferior More Likely To Get Help Than Someone Who Feels Superior?

Challenges in life make you who are. You may fail in achieving what you want or you may achieve it as the time goes by, what matters most is that you have that idea on how to turn things around and play it again for a second try.

Challenges and responsibilities sometimes go hand in hand. A person can respond to what is happening in his life by just doing what he is required by society to do. But in doing what is required of him does not always mean that he is ready to accept the responsibility. Others respond to challenges in a different way and do the same thing when it comes to responsibilities.


Balance Is The Key

Some people take things seriously and some may not. It all depends on the personality. What counts is that a person should perform something which he knows he can handle. Balance your capacity with the challenges and responsibilities you will encounter. Inferiority can be very tough this is why most people who are inferior get more help from someone. Individuals who are inferior tend to see only the things which are in front of them. They never go out of the box or their comfort zone to test their abilities and learn to balance it with what they can do.

If they encounter that moment to be conscious and aware with what is happening, they quickly close their doors and move towards the area where they feel most comfortable. What they need to do is to take that opportunity and keep the balance alive.

Negative Boundaries

This type of person creates boundaries which can be detrimental to their personality. If he receives a responsibility, he quickly declines from it because he is more concerned with his own thoughts and needs. He neglects the responsibility handed over to him because of the fear of being rejected. Detaching himself from the world is what he does best.

Some may build negative boundaries around them, but others, even lack boundaries. They don’t have the capacity to determine where and when should they begin or end. When this time comes and failure sets in, they tend to blame others for their own failures and rejections. This is why some would rather close and detach themselves from others to avoid things which no longer want to experience.

A Step Forward

There are also instances that he will take the blame for himself and the time will come that he will come to others for solutions. Since they feel inferior, they will soon realize that they need to reach out to others in order to get the answers. He will then realize that being alone and anti-social won’t do him any good.

It can be a good thing when a person reaches this stage and learn to accept the things that he can do to make his life better. Unfortunately, most inferiors don’t even reach this stage because of their fear of being judged, rejected, and thrown away.

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