Tips for Child Safety While Travelling with Rental Cars

Some states require you by law to have a special car seat when you drive with a child. Depending on your destination, you should abide to local regulations. Apart from this, there is no doubt that your kid is a lot safer in a child car seat than left to move around in your car. Here are some tips to help you ensure your child’s safety while travelling with rental cars.


Avoid renting child car seats

There are many people stating their dissatisfaction with renting car seats. The average rent is $10 per day. In spite of the fact that it’s quite expensive to pay the rental price for several days, most companies provide filthy car seats with missing parts. It’s difficult to find a clean functional car seat that is suitable for the size of your child. So, you should not give much attention to this option unless you know a company that proved to offer quality car seats at reasonable prices.

Purchase travel child car seats

It can be a bit difficult to check in a traditional car seat because it’s big in size and the baggage handlers must be careful moving it around. There are any options to choose from. You can purchase vests that fit in a regular backpack or you could buy a convertible car seat that turns in a stroller.

The latter is more expensive but think about how easy you can transport your kid around the airport, airplanes, in and out of public transports etc. It is true that you have to re-install the seat every time you put your child in your car but the advantages are worth this effort.

You could also buy a car seat that folds itself into a small bag. These car seats are light and can be carried around easily. You cannot use it on an airplane because it requires latch. However, it is perfect for travelling by car and by train.

Bring your child car seat with you

You can use a special carrier to bring the car seat on board. This can be done by putting the seat in a stroller or in a luggage cart. However, not all airports allow this anymore due to security concerns so don’t rely on this option alone. The advantage of bringing your own child seat is that you can install it on the plane too.

Borrow a car seat at your destination

If you have friends where you are going, you can ask them to bring a car seat at the airport. This is an ideal solution because you no longer deal with troublesome airport check-ins, broken and dirty car rented car seats or the high prices that come with renting a quality car seat to ensure the safety and comfort of your child.

When all these options fail, there is only one thing left to do: forget about renting cars at the airport and use public transportation until you get in town. There, you can buy a child car seat and rent a car or you could continue using public transport.

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