No Blog No Glory – Blogging As A Traffic Acquisition Strategy

Nothing ever worth it comes easy. Blog making or building is easy, but the hard part comes after it and that is building a successful and interesting blog with the significant traffic acquisition strategy. Although not all of the strategies mentioned here will work for everyone, I can assure you that most of it will work and give you a successful blog.


Target 1: Audience Sharing

In order to have a successful blog, you must know thoroughly the personality of your readers or audience so that they will be able to share it with others. You need to consider the ability of your audience to spread the word every time you strategize on your work output. Normally, readers are less active when it comes to your work, what matters are the topics, communities, content types, and writing types of your website.

Target 2: Reference Your Posts

Your audience would very much appreciate if you provide in-depth links to your posts or articles. It will ease up their burden because they no longer have to search for it; instead they just click the link it will directly bring them what they need to know.

Target 3: Adding Of Photos And Other Illustrations

Blogs with no photos and illustrations are very unpleasant to view. It will bore your audience the moment they see your blog. Thus, you should never forget to incorporate different photos and illustrations to your blog so that other people can see and relate to what your goal is. Another reason why photos and illustrations are important is the fact that most individuals are caught by these images and they seem to stay longer in blogs which gives them a pleasant view. You can also include a video if you can.

Apart from your blog, it is also important to place photos and illustrations in your contents or posts. This will bring the attention of more readers or audience because they have something to look at or they can imagine the things you are talking about in your article.

Target 4: Use Of Social Media And Social Sharing

While search engines are very powerful, social media is at the same level. Twitter has about 271 million users, Facebook has about 1 billion users, Google+ has around 300 million, and LinkedIn has about 300 million. Just imagine how much audience you will have even if one-fourth of the ratio will be interested in your blog. Once you made an account in these social media venues, make sure that you become active and you consistently post on these sites so that people will notice. Just make sure not to overdo it. Researches even showed that social media profiles with more pieces of information have a greater correlation with other successful accounts.

You can also participate in social sharing such as Reddit, Tumblr, Care2, Pinterest and StumbleUpon in order to widen the traffic to your blog.

Target 5: Pay Attention To Results

Never do away with your results. Collect or compile those results and study it thoroughly ones it is sufficient to know the trend. It will also help you remember the mistakes you have made which resulted in the decrease of your traffic. Most bloggers use Google Analytics to track their results. By the use of this Google Analytics, you will be able to see where the visits have originated, which, among the sources recorded drive quality traffic, and what the visitors are saying about your blog as well as the contents found in your blog.

Target 6: SEO-Friendly Blog

You can never deny the fact that search engines become a crucial factor to the success of your blog. It has become a massive opportunity to make and break traffic, but most bloggers tend to disregard this option because of fear and other misunderstandings on different problems. Don’t back down on those problems. These are just dust in your way. You can easily remove it with the right method and time.

Target 7: Keyword research

Conducting a keyword research will make it easier for readers to connect with your post or articles. Since it is hard to know these keyword researches, AdWords Keyword Planner was made available by Google. The part is that it is free.

Target 8: Join Other Communities

You need to look into other communities where your audience tends to visit. Participate in that community and gather all pieces of information relating to the interest of your audience. Determine the right conversation and try to look smart and interesting when conversing with others so that you will gain more readers or visitors to your website or blog.


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