The Voice Over Guide: All You Need To Know To Become A PRO Voice Over

Be a Pro voice-over actor if you can’t be a professional actor. Being a voice-over actor can be very fun and exciting. You get to portray a character that will make every person watching that video or movie as if it were real. There are a lot of voice-over jobs available in today’s era because of the rampant animation movies and other local video projects being conducted. To be a professional voice-over actor, look into these basic guides.


Discover And Listen To Your Voice

Every professional voice-over actor has made it through this stage. No one can ever become a professional in this field if he does not even recognize or familiarize his voice. It is important that one should know and discover the ability of his voice. Determine the range of your voice. You will be able to determine your voice by simply recording it. Simply let your personality shine through, Record every range your voice can make and see to it that you thoroughly familiarize it. By doing this, you will be able to improve or enhance your voice and you can even try to practice different voice range.

Don’t Overdo It

Do not ever strain yourself in achieving a certain range of voice. You need to know the limit of your voice. But, if you really want to achieve that range, you can practice it daily. Develop your voice to make that range and never ever push its limits. Constant practice will get you to the place where you want to be. Try to write down different dialogues that you enjoy or eyeing. Practice it daily or constantly and when you get a hang of it, you can record your voice and pass it around to your family or friends for comments. These people will surely give you an honest feedback, especially the kids.

Take Classes

Of course, you can never be a pro voice-over actor if you did not take any classes. Taking classes will help improve the quality of your voice. It will also give you the opportunity to correct yourself because of all the knowledge you will be learning in the class. Aside from that, professionals can also teach you the right approach to perfect that voice quality. They can give you advice when it comes to delivery and can give some important tips that will improve your voice quality.

Most of these classes will even give you a CD of your performances during the workshops. You can edit or cut some of the clips you consider to be the best and post it on social media. If it gets viral, you will even be contacted by some people to have a voice over for their video projects.

If you don’t have a lot of money or you are just tight on your budget, you can just download voice-over lessons or guides online and try to imitate the things they are doing. Just make sure that it is the right thing and not a bogus performance.

No To Rejections

Every professional voice-over actor underwent numerous rejections before they succeeded. You need to remember that rejection and success are like brothers. They go where the other is going. Take these rejections and turn it into something you can use. Rejections will either make or break a person. Where would you rather be, the broken one or the one who attained success? Don’t ever let these rejections bring you down. Don’t take it personally. If you do, it will only lead you nowhere.

If you don’t get that part, take the opinions of other individuals and learn from it. Improve your performance by inculcating all those positive or negative opinions or criticisms.

Act Like A Professional

Apart from not taking rejections personally, act as if you are already a professional. You need to be responsible. Show up on time and never be late every time you have a performance. A good attitude will also bring you a long way. No one wants a stubborn and bitchy attitude. Even when you are not getting paid for the hard work you have done, never forget to do your best because these individuals can still refer you to others who will pay you for your services.

You should also never forget to have FUN! You chose to be a voice-over actor because it is what you want and love. Don’t ever let stress and negative criticisms bring you down. Turn it all around and have fun.


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