I Love Airports! An Excerpt from Practical Enlightenment

One of the most attention grabbing excerpts from Practical Enlightenment is “I Love Airports”, which is basically a dialogue between a person named Kat who is a participant in the self realization workshop and Ariel & Shya Kane. The excerpt is wildly popular because of the simple issue it addresses. The issue is none other than getting tired of the circumstances that life and people dish out at you and how cruel life can be to you. This is something that almost all of us experience and these situations tend to make us lose temper and blow up. But this issue is tackled in a very simple way as you will see when you go through the excerpt at www.selfgrowth.com/articles/i-love-airports-an-excerpt-from-practical-enlightenment


What Is To Really Blame?

Upon reading the above quoted excerpt a number of things become instantaneously clear. The analogy that Ariel tells about a loaded gun ready to fire at the pull of the trigger is quiet closely linked with our daily lives. It is no new thing when we see a person venting their anger at something or someone who has nothing to do with the troublesome situation they are in.  The one question that is clearly tackled here is who or what is to blame for putting us in bad situations. On reading the excerpt and doing a little introspection, we find that there is no bad situation at all. Life only plays at one second a time. There is no point in living it if we already know what we are going to become and when we will die. When a bad situation does present itself, we must have the compassion and presence of mind to understand that something is merely in the process of unfolding and we should accept it for what it is.

From the excerpt, Kat could have easily blamed the aviation company and her bad luck and lost her temper at everything and everyone that comes in her way. But instead we see Kat saying she loves airports!  The reason why Kat does this is because she saw the bright side of her flight getting cancelled. She was able to go shopping, people-watch and do a lot of other things at the airport while she was waiting for her re booked flight. This kind of optimistic approach to everything holds our anger at check and makes us appreciate what life really is about and living it one second at a time.

You can go through more excerpts from http://haribshaqsy.com/category/motivation-inspiration

Take Control

There is absolutely nothing that happens to us which is not in our control. Towards the end of the excerpt Kat has learned to take control of the situations she is put in. Like the third law of Sir Issac Newton that says every action has an equal and opposite reaction, there is nothing you can do in this world that will not trigger a reaction. So the situation you are in is ultimately your doing, and you can always control it because it is your doing.

To know more about Ariel & Shya Kane visit http://698ellb01.blackmesh.com/experts/ariel_and_shya_kane.html


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