Healing Asthma with Turmeric, Hypnosis, Meditation, and More

Few people may know that turmeric, meditation, and hypnosis can help heal asthma. There are other proven methods of healing asthma, but I consider these three as the safest and most effective among the rest. These are just some of the few methods of healing asthma without using steroids and other harmful medications that will to different complication, most especially in the immune system, and develop havoc. Modern science on medications would want you to think that the only way to heal asthma is through the use of different medication created by them, but it is absolutely not true. As what was stated before, turmeric meditation, and hypnosis can aid in the healing of asthma.


Magic Of Turmeric

For thousands of years, researchers found that turmeric can offer the human body a lot of great health benefits. Among these health benefits, the ability to heal asthma is one of them. If you don’t know what turmeric is, it is a powerful herb that contributes a lot of health benefits. One of the most notable effects of turmeric is the capacity to dilate bronchi. As it dilates bronchi, it will also lower down the bronchial spasms that one is experiencing and this is made possible by allowing the passage of air to move through the human lungs.

For those individuals who are experiencing asthma, the most common turmeric dose is about 4-500 mg per capsule and should be taken at least twice a day and 4 times in its maximum. The taking of ½ teaspoon of turmeric can also be made. While taking turmeric, it is important not to forget your water intake. Always remember that the body needs as much water as it can get because the lungs need water in order to lubricate all those mucus membranes found within or surrounding it. Without water, inflammation would more likely to occur.


Many researchers say that the mind is as powerful as the body. Most individuals who have asthma are found to have encountered or experienced some kind of a powerful and life-changing trauma in their own lives. These experiences or encounters are even being held when the person is either in his unconscious or conscious mind. It can somehow or someway mold their personality, especially when it comes to their fear.

According to the University of Wisconsin, the use of meditation greatly affected the healing process when it comes to asthma and it can also help in the decrease of inflammation. Also, through the study of epigenics, turning off the bad genes and turning all those good genes is made possible.

The Royal Hospital located in Sydney, Australia, also conducted a study making use of meditation to help and treat people who are diagnosed with asthma. The result of such study showed that there was a decrease in the asthma symptoms.

Aside from meditation, yoga can also help in the healing of asthma. Studies show that people who are taking yoga with an eight week period, their body will reduce the symptoms of asthma.


People who studied asthma had made a thorough study on the link between hypnosis and asthma. There were 39 individuals diagnosed with asthma and being treated through the use of hypnosis. The study showed results finding that those individuals who were made to be a part of hypnosis healing process had developed a 74% improvement in their breathing.

Apart from turmeric, meditation, and hypnosis, there is also a Russia process called “The Buteyko Method”. It teaches an individual to breath with the use of their nose and at the same time using their diaphragm. It is a somewhat hyperventilating process that enables the muscles to relax and help the individuals doing this method to breathe easier and deeper. Thus, this process helps in the healing of asthma.

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