5 Ways to Get More Social Shares for Your Blog

Social media is a lifeline for bloggers and for anyone who wants to gather more site visitors. It is not enough to share your content on social networks. You have to make people want to share it too. This is how articles, videos, images become viral. The nature of the content makes this possible.


Create a shareable headline

Headlines play a major role in how many times people share a piece of content. You must make them want to know what’s beyond the title. A good headline makes people curious. This is achieved by leaving out an important part of information. Here are a few examples of great titles that would totally make you want to know what’s next:

You won’t believe what this man did for his wife

If I learned anything about life, it’s this

5 Incredibly Simple Ways to Stay Healthy

Looking for Forgiveness Although He Did the Unforgivable

10 Jokes Only Grey’s Anatomy Fans Will Understand

Write content with high emotional impact

Understanding the psychology of social network users will make it possible for you to create content that makes a lot of buzz. People have 5 main motivations to click the share button. First, they wish to entertain or enrich the life of others. If your content is funny or somehow enlightening, they will share it.

Second, people share content if they can relate to it, if it’s something they care about. Another reason is to feel involved. If your content makes them feel connected to people with similar interests or allows them to stay in touch with other users, they will share it.

The fourth reason is to feel they have a positive impact on someone’s life. Feeling more involved with the world makes people share content like motivational quotes and “did you know” facts. And last, people share to support a cause they believe in, be it a person, message or product.

Add share buttons to your blog

If people see the share button next to your blog post, they are more likely to share your content. Nobody logs into Facebook, copies a link and then posts it on their timeline. There are too many steps involved. On the other hand, if you have a button, they will just click it and then only one step is left: “Share link.”

Invite people to share

Even when they truly like your post, visitors might skip the share part if you don’t ask for it. Asking people to tweet, share, like your content increases your chances of them doing so. Moreover, even when your content isn’t extraordinary they might still share it thinking that maybe there is someone who would appreciate the information.

Use images that catch people’s eye

Images are mandatory in a world where people can’t stay focused for more than a few seconds until jumping to the next bit of information. You have only 1-2 seconds to make someone share your link before they move on to the next post that appears in their newsfeed. Images are much more effective in grabbing people’s attention.

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