Shop Small: Holiday Gift Ideas from Small Businesses

On holidays, there is always seen a great rush towards the big stores both online and offline. It becomes almost impossible to purchase the gift of your choice from these big stores whether these stores are offline or online.


Holidays give opportunity to shop small. These occasions are special for shopping in lower budget. Small businesses producing unique new and traditional items have special importance on holidays. These small businesses provide products for all sects of population whether they are men, women or children. Here is a list of creative ideas from small businesses for your holidays.

Potentially Chic

This is a piece of boutique used in décor, home accessories and furniture. This piece is used to recycle old items in a way that they become trendy in present day. Its price ranges $10 to $25.

La Corza

La Corza is a jeweler. His gets inspiration from nature and art and is aspired to create that balance in creativity which makes his work unique and priceless. However, from this small business, you can get La Corza art jewelry in less than $100.

South Street Linen

South Street Linen is a company that produces classic styles garments for low budget range. One of their special products for holidays is their classical scarf for women that can be purchased in less than $110.

Dara’s Diamonds

Dara’s is a family owned diamond jewelry business. They produce low priced jewelry and their products can be bought in lower rates. (They do not tell price unless you are a serious buyer).

The Brew Box Company

The Brew Box Company lets you enjoy the place of origination as well as their great tasting beer. They tell you about the city or locality that created the beer in a literature pamphlet.

Bro Shop

Bro Shop tailors garments for gifting. Their dresses are stitched in a non-traditional way. You can get their products in as low as $40.

Eph Apparel

Eph Apparel gives custom tailoring for clothes and garments. Their low rates make them accessible for people running on budget. They give a suit for $349.

Yak Gear

Yak Gear serves in boat and fishing accessories. Their paddle supporters come only for $100 making it easier to gift this item.

Bois Blanc Sports

They sell sports goods from racquet to sports kits. You can get one of their premium products in as low as $200.

Aloha Products

Aloha Products delivers fashion accessories. They have fashionable sun glasses, P-caps and other sporting items for teens. You can get their graceful Tiki Snowboard for $559.

Design With Us Furniture

Design With Us sells home decoration, curtains and furniture. Their uniqueness lies in giving classical look to your home. You can get their Cable-Net Throw for only $148.

Day Three Bath and Body

Day Three Bath and Body provides natural and no-chemical baby care products. They deliver natural products for both you and your baby. You can get their body polish for as low as $15.

Calm the Halm

Cathryn Lavery, the founder of Calm the Halm, creates unique art. Her work can beautify any place whether it is your office or drawing room. You can get one of their art pieces in $35 only.


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