Don’t Use Paper Towels

Is it you or is it just me? Using paper towels at home is nowadays not that common. When you have visitors over and you normally have guests hanging out in your kitchen, do some of them tell you that it is better to not use paper towels? Yes, it is surely better this way. Aside from saving mother earth, using paper towels at home is very advisable because you don’t get to buy those products every now and then. You get to save a little amount or a portion of your money.


You can use washable cloths instead of paper towels. If you belong to a country which normally uses paper towels, it will shock your guests when you use washable cloth. Your friends can even strike a conversation by asking why you are using cloths instead of paper towels. Nonetheless, not using paper towels can give your kitchen more space for some other important things.

Alternatives To Avoid Using Paper Towels At Home

Cloth napkins may be used as an alternative for using paper towels. It will save you more money because you only have to buy once. You will only purchase another cloth napkin once you discard because of all the stains.


In wiping down dirt from your kitchen sink, you can use long lasting sponges. Although some people might consider that using paper towels is more sanitary than using a sponge, a sponge can clean through that dirt as efficiently as paper towels can. The best thing in using sponges is that you don’t get to have a garbage can full of filthy paper towels with unpleasant smells. You can also buy a microfiber cloth in order to thoroughly clean down the surface and remove stains.

When it comes to wrapping your herbs, you can also try doing it with the use of clean cloth because it can work just as well as paper towels. Also, in patting raw chicken, draining bacon, or just simply letting some meat to dry down, a cloth will also do the trick. It can absorb the oil or water from your food more than a simple paper towel can.

Tips In Using Real Towels Instead Of Paper Towels

In using real towels, you get to reuse it by just rinsing out the dirt. It can absorb well any water or oil that is spilled on the table or the kitchen sink. Make sure to clean it everytime you clean something up. You can also provide assorted towels, aside from the fact that it can serve or add to the design of your kitchen; you will be able to use different towels in cleaning certain dirt, oil, or spilled water.

Always remember to leave the cloths to dry out after you use it. You can do this overnight while you are sleeping.

In a gist, using washcloths or real towels can be very easy, less expensive, and more practical. Although it may be hard at first, sooner or later, you will realize that using real towels are worth it. It can clean substantially and much better than paper towels.


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