The ‘Tree of Life’ a Cause for Celebration

The world is losing its exquisite forests at an alarming rate. We need trees and our dwindling forests are posing a huge threat to the global ecosystem. A wonderful idea has emerged that can turn the finality of death into life and give back to nature what man has greedily taken from her…a tree. Isn’t it far more comforting to know that when you visit a cemetery to visit a pet or family member who has passed out, you find a living tree instead of a cold, grey tombstone? The Bios Urn is manufactured for people and pets.

Thousands of people are already using these urns. You can choose the tree or plant that appeals to you the most. You can opt for your ‘tree of life’ to be Oak, Cedar, Pine, Maple, Beech or Maple. You can also choose to choose an urn without a seed so that you can opt for your own ideas.

Transforming Ashes to Beautiful, Living Trees 

There are so many people who become distraught at the idea of saying goodbye to a pet or family member they have adored. The Bios Urn now allows them to immortalise their beloved as a tree. This ingenious idea comes from a Barcelona, Spain firm who designed the biodegradable urn. The urn is placed in the ground with the environmentally-friendly vessel with the seed in the top half of the container. The seed then germinates before the roots grow through the section containing the ashes in the lower half. The Urn is 100% biodegradable. It is made of coconut shell, compacted peat, and cellulose. Once the urn starts to biodegrade, the seed roots have established themselves and are strong, becoming part of the sub-soil.

Don’t Let Death be Unbearable

These bio urns have changed the way people view death. Instead of ‘going to waste’, the person or pet you love can come back to you in the form of a tree. When you consider the way our forests are disappearing, at last someone has come up with a smart and ecologically friendly way to put back what man has taken out.

A living tree which provides shade and shelter can now be your companion when you visit the burial place of your family member or pet. With the Bios Urn, you need no longer let death become unbearable. You can now experience the joy of your loved one in a tree, the same way so many others have found.

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