Conspiracy Theory of Jade Helm 2015: Is It a Preparation of Asteroid Collision or a Martial Law?

Jade helm 2015 has raised a lot of questions and caught a lot of attention worldwide. What is Jade Helm 2015? Jade Helm 2015 is an American military exercise that started last July 15 and ends on September 15 this year. It involves the United States Special Operations Command, US Armed Forces and small groups of US navy of 5 states, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. Lt. Col Mark Lastoria provides details to the residents of Bastrop, Texas. He then said that it is military training for soldiers on how to deal with unfamiliar terrain.


He also informed that there are private property used in this exercise but the land owner will not be paid or even getting a tax exemption. This statement then again raised questions but he provided no further details. He also added that because of the military training exercise Bastrop will increase its revenue of $150,000 because of food, fuel and shopping. Still the reason of this military exercise is unknown. They US military government is not giving any other information.

120109-N-OT964- California (09 Jan. 2012) Navy SEALs conduct training on land and in water. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Martin L. Carey
120109-N-OT964- California (09 Jan. 2012) Navy SEALs conduct training on land and in water. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Martin L. Carey

Conspiracy Theorists predicts the “end of the world” on September 22 – September 28 of this year. The Jade Helm happens to end on September 15, 2015. Conspiracy Theories speculates that this is a training where the military will be able to handle the people apocalypse will really take place. It has been said that there will be an asteroid collision on September that might destroy the world. NASA then released the Sentry Risk Table. This is a list of identified threats to Earth but nothing is a threat for us. Other theorists also believe that a meteorite collision can be caused by test mishaps of Large Hadron Collider that is located in Geneva Switzerland.


Scientists use large Hadron Collider to smash atoms and discover the parallel universe. Scientists then reassured that at any case there will be meteorite collision in the space, it will not reach the Earth because of its heat. The meteorite will be crushed due to its heat by the time it reaches Earth. NASA immediately dismissed the idea of asteroid hitting earth.  NASA then stated the conspiracy theories are not listed and with incorrect information which causes panic to the public.

There are also theories that say Jade Helm 2015 is an “insurance policy” of the government. If there will be no catastrophe that will take place, Jade Helm 2015 is simply just a military exercise training. However if the catastrophe happens, there will be military troops ready for this pandemonium. Other theory also says that this military exercise introduces martial law. Martial Law is when the head of the military takes over the government and implements military ruling to the public. Jade Helm is called the modern day martial law. Questions and theories will still be there and answers will still be scare. Even though the purpose of Jade Helm 2015 is still unknown, we just need to have faith that it is for the better of the people.

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