How I really want to live my Life

There are so many people who go through life without any satisfaction. Waking up alive and well each morning is something to be enormously satisfied about. I want to live my life knowing that this lifetime is the only time I have, so I want to make the most of it. I don’t want to be guilty of walking through life without getting anywhere. I’ve already asked myself ‘what do you want to do?’ It certainly takes some organization and concentration to know how you want to live your life.

I have discovered that firstly without goals and motivation, the time will evaporate. The best use of time is to plan. Some people don’t even make lists, much less imagine that today is actually connected with tomorrow, next week and 5 years from now. Discover what your lifetime goals are and how you would like to spend the next 5 years. The point is to discover your own goals and not ones you have been taught. We do many things because of a sense that we have to.

Who are You Pleasing?

Recently I went to a behavioral consultant who suggested I explore my wildest dreams – those impossible things filed away because it’s not the done thing or there isn’t time. The consultant told me without a goal of achieving dreams there is no satisfaction.


He once did a survey of young wealthy married women sitting around a swimming pool – their days filled with tennis, swimming and tanning. They were asked about their fantasies, but they had none. They were living the lives expected of them. They only had fears – fears of losing their looks and their money.  This is what I wanted to avoid. I couldn’t bear to live my life without imagination, no motivation and no achievement.

Make the Most of the Time you Have

The behavioral consultant asked me ‘how do you want to live if you knew you would be dead in 6 months time’? With this question the consultant forced me to face what is so important – to make the most of my time. Once people recognize how fleeting life is, they begin to set firm policies to see that their lives are re-arranged to make them happier. That is the point of the process in establishing how you want to live your life. It is to meet the stranger that is often ourselves, and to establish priorities that take that person into account.


What I have learned and how I really want to live my life is to know that there is always time to do what is important to us. Once we have realized that there is time for the important things, the next step is to do them…Now! After all…time is life.

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