Watching TV Disconnects You From Life:

How what you see on TV is not the reality of Life

Watching TV can be fun at times but is not something that is not meant for everyone to do nor is meant for something for everyone to do all of the time. There are a lot of different things that you can watch on TV; some of which are good and some of which are not as good. However watching a lot of TV and always dealing with electronics all day long can drain you of your energy and much, much more. One main example of this is how your eyes can get tired from staring at screens for so long and then a headache can come from that.


Programs on TV are good but completely educational and not accurate with the reality of life; it is good to get out and do things sometimes so you have experience with everything and are well-rounded instead of believing in things that are not real or confusing. The best thing that anyone can do is to take some time every now and again to sit back and relax, to clear the mind and to not engage in watching television. You can only understand how much of an addiction it is until it is taken out of your life and real life is about making contact with eyes, flesh and blood.


It is better to go out and spend time doing things that are more hands-on so you have better real life experiences and can enjoy being out and doing things and not always having to just stay home and do nothing but resort to the TV. Kids should not watch a lot of TV because they are at the crucial young age of development and should be surrounded with educational materials only. It comes in handy to keep in mind that if you do not think it is safe for your child or you would not let your child have anything to do with it than neither should you; set the example for them and live by it. Otherwise and or as a backup there are parental controls.

When you are not being engaged by the television than you can begin to realize how you feel less and less negative emotions and begin feeling more and more good emotions. Examples of feelings you feel less of include but are not limited to the following of envy, missing out, jealousy, loneliness and more. With that being said, you will experience more creation and less consumption; this is simply because of the fact that life is happening right in front of your eyes and you can only and really truly enjoy it if you are there yourself experiencing it and being a part of it as it is happening.

Think of being on stage versus being behind the curtain; they are both fun and mean something and are important but only one can make you feel like you are really living and that your dreams are coming true.


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