Why I Prefer Taking Pictures Of Nature?

The one man path

I have always believed that we have come in this world alone and we will also walk away alone. There are many people and things which we meet and see in between these points of birth and death. This whole string is called the journey of life. You must be wondering, how does this relate to what the article has to offer? To be honest, every bit of it connects to the article. Have you ever seen nature making best friends or even family? No? I have seen nature give things unconditionally. Nature follows the “no quid pro quo” theory; it gives away wonderful things but never expects anything in return.


Nature is a one man personality, it is not attached to anyone, and it has given us everything with utmost love, care and duty. This selfless care and giving has made me come closer to nature, it has built in me deep sense affection and admiration for nature. I have seen people fighting over petty issues in life, I have seen demonic groups outraging the modesty of women and innocents, I have seen burglaries and thefts, and I have seen so many gruesome crimes. People have this insatiable hunger which leads them to such path of crimes. Nature is not hungry; it only wants to make living on this planet bliss.


There is a pure ecstasy and charm about nature which calls me to take photographs and store them as memories. These memories later on become a source of joy for me; whenever I watch them my faith is restored. I start to feel that there is still something around which is not greedy; we can blindly lay our trust in Mother Nature to look after us. No matter how good a photographer you are, you cannot take pictures of people or things as wonderfully as you can take those of natures’.

The artistic joy and source of meditation

Nature photography can be well termed as a source of meditation for me. I find myself lost in those picturesque snaps which I take whenever I get the opportunity. My mind comes out refreshed with those amazing slices of pictures which I can frame for the rest of my life. Here are some wonderful yet simple tips and techniques which I will share with you all so that you can also take a few quality pictures of nature:


  • Get your facts right: Things associated to nature will not work as per your wish and command. There is a certain pattern in the behavior of nature. You need to understand the weather conditions, right time and other facets.
  • Prepare yourself: Unlike human beings, nature does not pose. If you want the perfect shot then you must be well prepared in advance to get that.
  • Tune your equipment: Your equipment must be tuned for the perfect shot. If you want to click a picture of an animal make sure your flash is turned off.
  • Patience is the key: There are times when you won’t be able to get the right shot at the first go. Stay patient wait for the right moment.


Pictures speak a thousand words. Pictures of nature can simply relax your mind.


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