Human Emissions Boost Global Warming

Fortuitous event is commonly experienced nowadays. What can the common people do to help decrease or avoid climate disasters which are most of the time unforeseen? One possible way is to stop emitting carbon dioxide. If one cannot stop from emitting CO2, at least reduce the emission.


In a wider perspective, it is not only carbon dioxide, which causes the environment haphazard. Some greenhouse gases like methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases which are used for human activities affect the environment and the population. Methane and nitrous oxide are commonly emitted from waste management and energy use, as well as, in the agricultural activities while fluorinated gases are emitted by refrigeration, industrial processes, and from other consume products.


Proofs Of Compelling Climate Change

  • In the Republic of Maldives, the sea level rose almost double the centimeters compared to the last century making it very vulnerable.
  • Global temperature is constantly rising higher than usual. Surface temperature also continues to rise.
  • Since the oceans are absorbing much heat from the atmosphere, it causes the extraordinary warming of the ocean.
  • In Greenland, the ice sheets are melting or shrinking. It lost around 36 cubic miles to 60 cubic miles of ice in the years 2002 – 2006. Antarctica is also losing huge amount of ice sheets which is about 36 cubic miles from the years 2002 – 2005.

Why Worry?


People need to worry about the emission of greenhouse gases. One reason is that these gases last in the environment for a very long time. In the case of carbon dioxide, it may be quickly be absorbed because of the trees, plants, and oceans, but some of it which remains in the atmosphere will last for about a thousand years.  Methane will last for about 12 years in the atmosphere, nitrous oxide will last for 121 years, and fluorinated gases will last for a few weeks or it may last just like that of carbon dioxide which is for a thousand of years.


Since these gases are left in the atmosphere for a very long time, those in the present will not be greatly affected. It is the future generation that will be greatly affected.

Basic science will tell us that greenhouse gases which are emitted by human activities will continue to increase if not stopped and can stay for a very long time in the atmosphere. It will warm the environment or climate which can lead to a lot of changes in the oceans, land or the atmosphere itself. Some of the changes shown above can prove the effects of these greenhouse gases.

The changes caused by these emissions may have a positive, as well as, a negative effect on the environment or society, but a lot of these effects are negative.

Human beings release CO2 in the atmosphere that can cause detrimental effects in every aspect of the environment or population. The emission is worse than we thought, but there is still hope. There is greater possibility that this may be changed. It’s just a matter of control.


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