The US Army Is Preparing For The Zombie Apocalypse

Remember Walking Dead, World War Z, and other movies or series related to zombie apocalypse? If you are a big fan of these, then you probably want to know how the US Army prepares for these things. There are some people, nowadays, who prepare themselves for this kind of thing. Families’ research on different ways on how to be prepared and friends talk and plan on the same thing. You no longer have to worry or fear this phenomenon. Get a glimpse on why and how the US Army decided to equip themselves when this happens.


The US soldiers do not anticipate any zombies, but it is always better to be prepared for the unforeseen and inevitable events. The first step is that the US Army conducted a Hurricane Rehearsal drill and invited the novelist of World War Z, Mr. Max Brooks. From the author’s point of view, preparedness is always the key. Whether you are in an extreme weather condition or you are running away from a huge marauding horde of zombies, being prepared for uncalled circumstances is the only way to survive.

A Glimpse Of The Plan

According to an article on the CNN Politics last May 2014, individuals no longer have to fear for the zombie apocalypse. The Defense Department of the government had devised a plan when a zombie apocalypse would occur. CONOP 8888, the highly unclassified document of the US officials have used a wide array of ideas from the series of Walking Dead in order to properly prepare the soldiers in numerous military operations, catastrophes, and real-life emergencies.


The operation was thoroughly discussed. Training for zombie awareness was conducted as a first step of the operation. The way the soldiers should recall other military personnel to their designated stations, the method on how to deploy teams that will ascertain the safety of the general public, and the means of how to restore everything to normal after the apocalypse were also presented and studied by the US Army.

The rules and guidelines on how to handle when the time comes that a soldier encounters a zombie were also found in the above-stated document. One example is that the only way to kill a zombie with all certainty that it will not come back to life is to burn the corpse. In this way, nothing is left.


Contingency plans were also presented and stated in the document. It was discussed that hospitals should be equipped with facilities that can accommodate patients, who are injured because of the apocalypse. The chain of command from the President was also laid down in the document together with the roles and functions of the State Department.

To some people this training document may be silly at first, but it is always better to be prepared for whatever phenomenon that may come into existence. Familiarize and equip yourselves with the different ways on how to survive. Focus on the when, what, where, and especially the ‘how’ plans to avoid being caught in an unlikely situation during this disaster scenario.

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