San Francisco is Dying

Resting next to the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco is the crown jewel of Northern California. It boasts steep streets, rising buildings, and the famous Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco, and much of the surrounding area, has taken a beating from the Earth. For the past four years, the northern half of California has been in a severe drought.

water crisis
Farms are not producing. Unemployment percentages are rising and well on their way to 50% in most countries. The stress is breaking the individuals who work the fields as well as city and state officials. Water shortages are now becoming a larger problem in the area as ground water stores are being depleted. As the drought gets worse, people are looking for the cause and coming up short. Major droughts have perished different parts of the world at different times for centuries. Many people believe global warming is causing the California drought, but experts disagree.


Global warming is occurring because humans are burning fossil fuels and releasing harmful toxins and carbon into the air. The toxins are ripping holes through the ozone layer and letting in more UV light that burns the Earth. The carbon contributes to the green house effect of the Earth’s atmosphere, causing trapped heat to have no way to leave the Earth. This causes the atmosphere to become warmer and warmer over time. Global warming is preventative if we stop harming the environment with our pollutants and start taking safety measures in industry. We cannot, however, undo the damage that has already been done. The polar ice caps have been melting as the poles get warmer, and the earth has experienced warmer summers and winters.

Many experts theorize that global warming contributes significantly to drought. Global warming causes the air to evaporate water from the soil, turning the soil into dust. Scietists are certain that extreme weather conditions continue to occur with global warming making them worse, but not causing the events. While global warming certainly doesn’t help droughts, there is no scientific evidence to prove that global warming causes droughts. Therefore, the California Drought is still shrouded in mystery.


The drought has exposed the land to rough summers and dry winters. The soil has been exhausted by farmers trying to gain a yield. San Francisco used to have lush parks and beautiful grass, but has now been reduced to a world of brown. Barely anything grows. The land has been reduced to waste. Reservoirs have dried up and dams stand tall and alone, blocking nothing.


San Francisco used to glitter like a jewel. The lands were lush and water was everywhere. Water used to surround the city on three sides. Bridges were built over huge channels to keep traffic flowing in and out of the city. Those channels are now reduced to small rivers surround by exposed bedrock. The sight could bring tears to one’s eyes.

We are defenseless against the face of drought. We can do nothing but wait and pray for rain. The drought will not last forever, but it certainly won’t be the last. We should use this drought to learn how to better cope with extreme weather conditions and be more prepared for the next one, whenever it may come.

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