How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Instagram has been a trend for so long now. But how many followers do you have? Are you ever wondering that your friends have more followers than you have and sometimes it’s even double the number of followers you have? If you are disappointed about the number of followers you have, don’t be. There are so many possible ways you can do to improve or increase that number. Lesser followers do not make a person less than others. But if you want more followers, check out these 3 ways that can help you get more followers.

Show who you are.


Never think of hiding yourself under an invisible cloak to get more followers. It will become harder and harder if you will share photos that are never related to your interests. You don’t have to worry about people you know who are not following you. Just be yourself, be creative in what you do, and followers will just come right in front of your door step.


Figure out what you love the most out of everything and try to shoot it with all your passion and dedication. Also, think of the different editing processes that can make your photo visible to the Instagram world.

Never rush things.


It may seem that you are making no effort at all, but it will give you more time to think and realize a great idea that can surely get more instagram followers. Patience is still a virtue that anyone can apply to have what they want. Sometimes it will take 30 – 40 pictures before you can decide, but it will help you capture that perfect photo.


Also, find the perfect filter to your photo. A filter always matter and makes your photo as attractive and noticeable it can be. Aside from making your photos more personalized, it gives your photo the beauty it deserves.

The time of posting or sharing your photo is also very important. You must post a photo at the right time. See to it that at the time you posted your photo, most of your followers or other people you know are not asleep, in this way, they can see and follow it.


Explore choices.


You have to do something that is different from the rest. Following what is trending will never get you more followers. Try to find something unique. You can even try something different that will sooner become a trend in instagram.


Quit sharing photos of your feet in the beach or photos having a jump shot in front of any sites you consider important or instagramable. The two ways of shooting a photo are so old school. Shoot something new to the eye.

The most important thing to do is not to worry about your ‘likes’. Do not drool over someone’s instagram because their photos have so many likes than what you have. Even though you shoot photos decribing your true self in every photo you share, alwaysremember that your comfort zone is not the best zone you can have. There are different opportunities outside that zone, but never pretend to be someone else. Just think, be creative, and do what you do best.


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