Why You Should Tip Street Musicians

Life is nothing without music. Ask those who hate or dislike listening to it and they will silently or vociferously tell you how music has the powerful ability to induce ‘feelings’ in the human heart. While those who dislike music also deny themselves the chance to ‘feel’, other who love tunes will certainly appreciate the importance of those who create it.


  • Musicians do not just enrich our culture they add meaning to it. A nation’s music defines the very nation itself, its history, where the people came from, what they eat, how they view life, how they enjoy day to day. Music is therefore the quintessence of human meaning.
  • In the days to come, if we do happen to see a great change in the world or, with all good fortune, are witness to the evolution of humankind Music will capture the transition best if it did not already have a hand to play in the making.
  • Street musicians can be bad in attitude, the music they create, or both. You do not need to tip such people just because they hold an instrument and play a tune.
  • However, for those musicians who are bold as well as humble enough to go out there and play their passion in the hopes of making it big so their music can reach others across the world, one small tip can mean a giant leap forward for the country, its culture, and the very future of who we are as a species.


While all this may sound a tad over the top, bear in mind the science behind the process. It is all about action and reaction. Just as the notes a street musician plays goes out and touches everyone who hears it, whether they are paying attention to or not, your tip to the musician as a listener who appreciates their talent and wishes them success can further inspire the instrument wielder to do better next time.

This simple action-reaction principle can lead to the musician evolving his music and therefore himself, fighting to correct their mistakes and enhancing the quality of their notes.


One of the best things that can happen due to something as simple as a person tipping a street musician is that the player will go home and for no rhyme or reason be inspired by something they saw or learned while out there that day. They might come up with something entirely new, a new musical score that could bring incredible change to society and inspire people to new heights.

  • Your tip could have ‘tipped’ the musician’s reserves to help them buy better equipment or pay for a class they know will render them an outstanding music-maker.
  • You tipping the musician made them feel grateful enough to keep playing and possibly stay there long enough to find a spark of inspiration.
  • By so staying for a while longer, the musician may be inspired to play one of their ‘secret’ compositions just to see how people receive it. Perhaps your tip made them feel generous enough to regale listeners with a covert work of art that maybe some record producer might hear or come to hear from a friend who was on site.

In this way, you the tipper could make music history happen. You do not need the fame. Even the musician is not as important as their music. Do your part and let the Universe do the rest. In this world so filled with loss and heartache, music (sad or otherwise) brings a strange but welcome comfort.


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