Best 3 Cannon Camera Models

Certainly professional photography is highly competitive and an exhibition of photographic works will depict how photographers devote all their skills to bring about the most captivating representations and interpretation of the world around them. Taking eye-catching pictures can be helped along with the right equipment and lenses are always an important part of your camera because they control the image that is ultimately projected onto your imaging sensor.


So what camera should you get to take these eye-catching pictures? Canon makes a whole range of cameras for the casual and professional photographer and these can be tiny, pocket-sized point-and-shoot compact cameras to their professional DSLRs. Here are 3 of the best Canon camera models –


  • The A3300 is a beginner-photographer’s delight. For starters, the camera has a casual holiday-look about it. This is because it comes in a trendy red colour but you can take it in matte black or grey too. It is lighter than other Canon DSLRs, and as a 16 megapixel digital camera, it has higher resolution and comes with a smaller sensor than entry-level DSLRs of today. The A3300 comes with dust and moisture seals and is a robust camera to be taken anywhere. The camera is straightforward with clearly marked controls and comes with a basic selection of shooting modes such as easy auto, smart auto, fish-eye effect; and it records HD video at a resolution of 1280x720p at 30 fps for up to 4GB or 1 hour. The Canon PowerShot A3300 is all about excellent image quality, reliable performance and durability, and you can be sure the A3300 will produce the best pictures possible.


  • The Canon EOS 60D – this is a fast, feature-packed camera offering excellent photo and video quality. Some of this camera’s top features include delivery of clean JPEGs up through ISO 800. You no longer get the magnesium alloy construction from previous models – you get a lighter weight plastic shell and the camera comes with some great new features such as top panel LCD, rear control dial, the ability to convert raw files to JPEG in-camera and the bonus of applying new creative filters to files you’ve shot. This camera fits between the EOS 550D and the EOS 7D but with some new tricks of its own.

PowerShot S120_BLK_web imagery_FSL_01_tcm83-1076604

  • Canon PowerShot S120 – this is just a favorite because of its sheer compactness. Another benefit with this little model is that its not complex like some other similar cameras, but the 1/1.7” sensor provides superb looking images. It comes with a maximum f/1.8 aperture at the widest angle setting plus there are a number of awesome features too such as touchscreen control and Wi-Fi – a real little winner.

Cameras on the Short List

Good looking photographs make the difference between having the right camera. With such a host of superb cameras from Canon, photograph taking for beginners or professionals is so easy and these cameras are just some you’ll find on the short list.


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