Nepal Is Still Recovering From It’s Earthquake

After a tremendous 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25, Nepal is still trying to recover itself from the detrimental effects. Unfortunately, the 7.8 magnitude earthquake was followed by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake on May 12 which makes it even harder for the Nepal citizens to cope with their daily lives. Millions of people were devastated by this earthquake and the Nepal children comprised most of those people. Although the country receives a lot of supplies and other forms of help from all over the world, Nepal is still recovering and climbing its way up through the ladders of help.

After numerous buildings and houses have collapsed, there were around 4 people who were killed in Chautara, Sindhupalchok and more than 12 people were injured because of the landslides. It was in this area, Sindhupalchok, that death tolls have tremendously increased.

In Bhimeswhar, the district of Dolakha, reports says that there were 2 deaths. It was also reported that TsoRolpa, a large glacial lake, in Dolakha was held back by the natural dam which is very fragile. In Kathmandu, there was at least 3 four-story building which has collapsed due to the earthquake. In the Indian states which are bordering Nepal, 5 people were killed. It was reported that 1 lived in Uttar Pradesh and the 4 lived in Bihar.


The above mentioned statistics are just some of the recorded death tolls on the day which the earthquake has occurred. Now, the authorities estimate that there are more than 8, 500 people who were left dead. It left around 500,000 people in Nepal living in camps because they were left without homes. Some even live in the ruins of their homes. Although the earthquake has a high magnitude, the height of the Mt. Everest, the tallest peak in the world, was not affected.

It was also reported that the United Nations have received only $22M out of the $415M. The Western officials even accused the government of Nepal because of centralizing the distribution of the donations and hindering some people to receive the help that they deserve. Despite this tragedy, people who are reaching their hand to help should be careful.

Things You Can Do To Help

Any person can help the victims who are devastated in Nepal in so many ways. You can donate to the Red Cross. Try to look for the Red Cross website in your country. Make sure that the site is legit so that your donations will not go to someone else’s pocket or benefit.


Also, you can also send your donations directly to the Nepal victims. Form an organization if you can. An organization will help generate funds for your cause.

And the most important help you can give if you have no monetary capability to help is to pray and give the victims encouragement to surpass this life’s trial. Although a pray may seem to be effortless, but miracles do work. The next thing you know about it, Nepal victims can already stand in their own feet and support their families throughout the day without any help at all.


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