I Stopped Drinking Beer

Those late hours, a lot of money spent for nothing, getting into trouble, and having to wake up with a hangover are all contributory effect of too much beer drinking. The only advantage I gained in drinking alcoholic beverages is that I have time to spend my night or day with the ones I love. Having beer over can make any time worth spending. I get to share my past, my present, and the future I want.  I can have fun and seize a few hours of my busy day without worrying what will happen.


Although there are some advantages in drinking beer, the disadvantages,  especially its effects, outweigh them all.
Positive Effects

In the year 2009, the Tufts University researchers have found that men and women of older age who drinks one or two beers every day have stronger bone density compared to those who do not. Also, since beer is vitamin B rich, it can have an antioxidant effect to your body.


In other studies, it was also supported that beers have a cardio-protective effect and because of this factor the HDL cholesterol is altered into a beneficial LDL cholesterol.
Negative Effects

A beer consumption of at least 40g of alcohol can create a beer belly because it contributes to abdominal obesity. Aside from beer belly, the worst negative effect is that it increases higher risks of developing health complications. Some of the health complications are as follows:

  • Dehydration and Intoxication because alcohol reduces the central nervous system’s activity.
  • Liver Damage – beer drinking increases the high risk of scarring or cirrhosis of the liver. The liver disease caused by alcohol creates an irreparable damage to the liver. The liver disease symptoms are nausea, jaundice, and pain.
  • Heartburn and other heart disease – the strong gastric acid stimulants from beers can cause a gastro esophageal reflex which sooner leads to heartburn. The alcohol level in the beer can increase the blood pressure of the body which can lead to a dangerous health risk
  • Brain damage – Beer drinking causes irreparable damage to the brain cells and affects the nervous system of the body. Once the brain cells are damaged, the body can no longer recover from it. It can also lead to loss of concentration, bowel control, impaired motor skills, loss of bladder, and poor dexterity.

Alcohol abuse can lead to sleep deficiencies. Beer drinkers normally experience insomnia and poor sleep quality. Studies also show that people who are heavy drinkers have a higher risk of having nightmares and other disturbing dreams. The body needs a good night’s sleep in order to fully function in the morning. The concentration and focus of the brain will be altered or impaired because of the presence of alcohol. Also, the body system will soon shut down if it is not being take care of.


Some of the effects are the reasons why I decided to stop drinking beer. I don’t want to spend my life to experience these effects. Also, I don’t want that in the future, I will realize that it’s already too late.  Better safe than never.

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