Why You Have To See The Blossom Of The Lupins In New Zealand?

Lupins, one of the most famous exotic flowers, blossom in New Zealand, by the Lake Takepo. This lake has the reputation of being the second largest among the three lakes that run from North to South in the country. It is situated by the Northern edge of Mackenzie Basin, South Island, New Zealand.


Lupins are said to be introduced in the early 1950’s by Connie Scott who lived in a nearby the county of the Godley peaks. As they started to grow, they sprayed their seeds around the exposed sides of the highway, where their new territory started. Today, these tall flowers are seen everywhere along the highways and roadsides of the beautiful villages of Mackenzie country.

Anyone who visits this place will immediately know why this lake is known as a photographer’s paradise. The lake is surrounded by beautiful mountains covered in snow, and rows full of colorful Lupins. Adding to this picturesque scene is the stunning stone built church, which is bound to drop your jaws.


Lupins, the short form of Russell Lupine, are also known as Lupinus Polyphyllus botanically. Lupins which can grow as tall as 1.5 meters are also known as perennial species. Because they flower in the summers, setting the seeds and die back in winter to their stem, only to blossom back in the summers again. When fully blossomed, Lupines produce Stout Seedpods that burst out in the heat of the summer spraying dark brown seeds all over the place. These seeds come to life and blossom in the following summer, while the mother plant dies in the winter.

Though not present for the whole of the year, these Lupins blossom in the summer, which is from November to January. During these three months, the beauty of the Lake Takepo increases exponentially, attracting thousands tourists across the globe.


Lupins have the most colorful heads, which are pea like and surprisingly lengthy for a flower. The flower itself comes in a variety of colors namely – purple, blue, orange, white, violet, and as well as in yellow. Some of these flowers also blossom with a rare combination of two or more of the above mentioned colors. Leaves of this wonderful flower are separated in the form of leaflets, and just look like fingers of our palm when totally opened.

Other attractions and Activities at the Lake Takepo resort town:

Lake Takepo resort town offers many outdoor activities for the tourists that come for various parts of the world. One can play golf, go trekking, fishing or simply take a sun bath by the side of the lake. One can also indulge themselves in the air safaris and as far as botanical enthusiasts are concerned, they can take astronomy tours arranged by the local observatory.


When to visit?

Best time to visit Lake Takepo resort town is from mid-November to January.

How to go there?

Lake Takepo resort is three hours away by road from the Christchurch International Airport.


When you look at the beauty of these flowers, the scintillating snowy mountains and the feel tranquility of the Lake Takepo, there is no reason why an amateur photographer in you, could turn into a pro. This is the reason why photographers all over the world dream of capturing the finest frames of Lake Takepo at least once in their life time, and this is exactly the reason why all the villages across the Mackenzie Basin are always filled with tourists and photographers from all over the world.


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