Why Berlin Is The Coolest City To Visit During Summer

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is now the coolest and worth visiting city when on vacation, especially when it’s during summer. You can swim in the lakes of Brandenburg, drink beers under the sun with your loved ones, and experience the breathtaking summer festivals that Berlin can offer.


To those who are fond of cultural heritage or institutions, Berlin can definitely give you a trendsetting atmosphere and an amazing view. One of the stunning cultural institutions is the AlteNationalgalerie, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another is the Berlinale which is considered as one of the largest international spectator film festival. Also, there are more than 400 galleries and 138 museums like the Jewish Museum, Ishtar Gate of Babylon at the Pergamon Museum, Altes Museum, Neues Museum, Gemäldegalerie, Hamburger Bahnhof and Bose Museum.

Below are some of the places or reasons to prove that Berlin is definitely the coolest city.

  • It has a vibrant and thrilling nightlife. The central boroughs of Berlin are the homes of different and desirable nightclubs like the Tresor, Watergate, Weekend Club, Berghain, SO36, and E-Werk. The place also has a multi-ethnic street parade during the Pentecost Weekend which is the Karneval der Kulturen (German for “Carnival of Cultures”).


  • According to the Michelin Guides, Berlin has around 12 restaurants that can give every tourist a heart-stopping food escapade. It is also well-known for a wide offering of organic and vegan food. Sushi restaurants, tapas bars, Thai food and Italian cuisine can also be found in the city.


  • With regards to recreation, Berlin is also a home of the magnificent zoos. These are ZoologischerGarten Berlin, TierparkFriedrichsfelde, Berlin’s BotanischerGarten, BritzerGarten, Tiergarten (Berlin’s largest park), and the well-known “Gardens of the World”ErholungsparkMarzahn.


  • Among the bars that is worth your time are Ku‘damm bar, Kiki Blofeld, Club der Visionaere, and StrandbarMitte. Also, don’t miss the Badeschiff, which is German for “bathing ship”. It is a swimming pool (32x8m) which was converted from the frame of a cargo boat where you can relax and kick it back with a Pina Colada.

Despite all these impressive and awe-inspiring sites in Berlin, it is important to know the person who is responsible for the success of the city. Klaus Wowereit, who is commonly called as “Wowi” and the well-respected mayor of the city, helped transform the German capital to become the coolest city ever to be visited.Because of his administration, the city feels so full of energy and alive to the tourist, as well as, for the residents. With an array of fantastic international sites, time and improvements will continue to be of great help to the economy and tourist spots.  As a developing and growing city, Berlin will only become more and more productive and its sceneries will only get better as the time goes by.

With a spine-tingling club in the central boroughs and a nightlife that will blow your mind off coupled with an up-and-coming cuisine, Berlin can surely offer you whatever you need on your vacation to relax and have the time of your life.

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