It Is Confirmed, The Bees Are Dying Because Of Pesticides

Bees, our precious bees are dying because of the selfishness of every human being handling God’s creation. Insecticides and other types of pesticide deny those tiny creatures their entitlement to live on earth. Bees are nowadays exposed to a wide array of threats like: pests, parasites, fungal diseases, bacterial diseases, viral diseases, and the most harmful are the pesticides. One of the best ways to avoid harming bees is to eat organic food and protesting against corporations like Monsanto.

The bees are dying

According to studies, the beekeepers in the North American migratory have statistics which can prove that there is an annual loss of 30% to 90 % in the bee colonies. The same losses were also seen in South and Central America,Asia, and Europe.

Here are some of supported facts which can prove that bees are truly dying because of pesticides.

  • The US Department of Agriculture, as well as, the University of Maryland’s scientists has publications that can link harmful chemicals like fungicides to detriment the population of the bee colonies. Scientists have found that an estimate of 10 million beehives have been lost at the beginning 2006.
  • In 2012, the beekeepers reported that there was a decline of 31.1 % in the population of the honey bees. Some concerns lead to the so-called “Beemageddon” wherein it threatened the agricultural industry. If this continues it will cause a loss of around $200 billion since the US crops depend on bees for pollination.
  • The researchers from the DOA and UMD have found that samples from the pollen of the crops contained around 9 different and harmful agricultural chemicals like insecticide, fungicides, miticides, and herbicides. One particular sample from Delaware to Maine even contained around 21 agricultural chemicals. It was also discovered that due to the existence of pesticides the ability of the bees are hindered which would result to a lower ability to resist infections.
  • Dennis Van Engelsdorp, a senior author of the study being conducted, explained that there are restrictions on using insecticides’ but there were no restrictions on the use of fungicides.
  • In California, the state which supplies about 80 % of the world’s almond would probably experience a hard hit in its almond crops because of this occurrence. The 760,000 acres of almond plantation in California needs around 1.5 million bees for a successful pollination.
  • Entomologists have suspected that a great number of factors have contributed to the Colony Collapse Disorder, which includes handling practices, habitat destructing practices, and climate change. With these factors, it is only right that there should be control among the companies, especially when using different kinds of pesticides.


The important question now here is” why should we take good care of our bees?” It may look like bees are not that important, but if you take a closer look, the agricultural crops depend greatly on bees worldwide because it provides and guarantee the crops reproduction. Without the existence of bees, the production of agricultural crops will be threatened and would surely result to a lower food supply and a limited plant or agricultural prosperity. No bees, no plant reproduction, no food for mankind.

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