Hot to get more supporters for your social project

I have a friend who was making a great social project to support the Nepal earthquake relief this week. It’s going quite well and they can do more. He asked me what he could do in the future to have better success. first of all I must state that these events are terrible so to start from the end, please support the campaign.

I really hope they will finish off well. I gave him some advice during the years since it’s not the first time they are funding. now the tricky thing is really to get funding out of the social networks. it always seems like the real power is there. well it’s true in case that your campaign is supported by a community that you have built around your vision. to put it short there are a list of things you can do and a list of things you shouldn’t do in order to gain good followers.

This post can summarize most of them even though there are plenty more other things to do.

Here are some more helpful tips you can use.

1. facebook chat is a powerful tool

It turns out that people don’t all know of this. but basically what you need to do , is to make a message that you copy and paste all across your community. one by one. you make it a personalized message, something like


I am doing an important social project which
aims to solve [the problem described shortly]
by doing [the solution].

I had you in mind since now we are contacting
only the closest friends to support by funding,
you can fund any amount since we need to
make a good impact in the first 2 days so
it will raise our chances to reach our goals.

at this point don’t share it with anyone, only fund
any amount you can.”

2. be personal and direct

Many people feel ashamed to ask for money. the thing is that if you really  have a vision you must connect to it. and if you are really doing something good there shouldn’t be a problem addressing anyone you know. even in your second circles you will find people who can help out.

be strong and don’t fear the no’s! they just get you one more step towards the yes!

3. Just some more resources that I find helpful

I hope this article will help to any good cause out there that is really looking to positively impact the lives of others. be bold, be strong and win!


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