Going off the grid might be the best plan for our times

We live in a crazy era of capitalism where more and more countries cling to idea that consumption is good, consumption is happiness… this disease of the 21th century is also our own extinction event. Many scientists regard human behavior the same as of a virus.

We simply act the same as we multiply endlessly while consuming the resources completely and unproportionately while destroying the very source that we came to life from to begin with. ecology changes fast and mankind is worshiping money as it’s god. if you have it your are blessed and popular and if not you are no more than a sick poor person that has to be spit out of our “thriving society”.

We are no more than an imaginary knight guarding a dream palace


Image courtesy of sattva at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

And with our destructive behavior we will put an end to ourselves. one of the intelligent ideas I came across are the earth-ships. it’s so comforting to see that there are actually super intelligent ideas to self sustain, reduce litter, collect water alone and live off grid in an organic natural way.

It turns out that the movement is far more developed than just a few hippies living in the desert. it’s a whole foundation that helps also disaster areas around the world. it is more than 50% built from recycled materials such as tires, bottles and cans (and no, it doesn’t look like a garbage house) it’s all covered nicely with a finish that makes the house look very estethic and organic.

Check out their video to see the model and how it works

This structure is self heating, self cooling, produces it’s own food, collects rain water and uses it smartly to facilitate all of the water cycles needed (drinking water, shower water, toilet water, and water for edible plants and decorative plants.

All together the more the idea will be supported the more we humans will be able to live in a balanced planet and reverse our badly hit ecology system.

support them more or visit their website to see more information


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