Vince Carter will help the Memphis Grizzlies, the San Antonio Spurs will show their age and other predictions for the NBA season

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With the NBA season set to start on Tuesday, National Post basketball reporter Eric Koreen took a spin around the league to look at the teams and players that will figure prominently this year:

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Five teams that will improve

Detroit (29-53, 11th in East): They still have a misshapen roster, and Greg Monroe is likely on his way out. However, Stan Van Gundy is a difference maker as a coach, and Andre Drummond is one year older, and therefore one year scarier.

New Orleans (34-48, 12th in West): Anthony Davis is a superstar, even if it seems as if half of the world has not acknowledged that yet. It becomes evident this year. If the Pelicans have some better injury luck than they had last year, they could crack the post-season.

Atlanta (38-44, 8th in East):…

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