Building Brands and Digital Technology

On building brands and digital technology.

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Marketing has been a major aspect in the society since the historic ages. In a striking contrast to its conventional approach, in the recent times, the society is witnessing the advent of digital marketing. This latest version is nothing drastically different from the age-old concept. Rather, this form of marketing uses various electronic gadgets, like desktops, laptops, Smartphone and tablets, etc. to rope in stakeholders.

digital technology

Thus, this form of marketing applies digital platforms like

  • Web portals
  • Email services
  • Apps and
  • Various social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon, etc.

In fact, there are innumerable corporate entities in India itself that make extensive combination of the digital version, along with conventional marketing, in the recent times.

Web designing is a frequently used term that describes the designing process of the front-end (client side) of a website. It is to be noted that the aspect also includes writing mark up. It…

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